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It's time to heal your body in the most effective way possible. At Village IV & Wellness drip bar in Des Moines, we offer IV hydration to help you live your best life. Proper hydration and vitamin absorption are essential for every day living. There is an IV infusion for every kind of life style and our professional and knowledgeable team can help you choose the infusion that's right for you. 

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Our IV bar in Des Moines offers IV drip to give you a wellness approach to health that promotes healing and wellbeing through IV vitamin therapy.  Some of our popular options at our IV hydration bar in Des Moines are B12 Injections, Myer Cocktails, Migraine Cocktails, and more! ​

IV Vitamin Infusion has been shown to increase absorption by 100% as it is directly administered into the bloodstream where nutrients and hydration can reach cells at its highest potency. This is why our experts in Des Moines recommend IV therapy!


Our IV hydration team in Des Moines includes a medical director and nurses that are highly experienced to give you a safe, relaxing, spa-like retreat away from the hectic world.


Have questions about our IV therapy services in Des Moines what we do? Let’s chat!


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